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From savvy risk analysts and client-focused advisors, to strategic negotiators and innovative problem solvers, insurance broking offers a variety of rewarding careers to suit every unique personality and skill-set.

Broking Assistant

A vital support pillar, you'll play an integral role in crafting seamless insurance experiences. From managing administrative tasks, to assisting brokers in creating tailored coverage, your attention to detail ensures clients receive top-notch service. Part of a collaborative team, your organisational skills and dedication drive efficiency.

Insurance Broker

As an Insurance Broker, you'll be the bridge between protection and possibility; connecting individuals, businesses and families with tailored insurance solutions that enable them to thrive despite life's uncertainties. A trusted advisor, you'll analyse risks, negotiate coverage and provide unparalleled support.

Commercial Lines Broker

A master of business protection, you'll collaborate with clients to design bespoke insurance solutions that shield against a spectrum of challenges. Your expertise in analysing risks, negotiating coverage, and nurturing client relationships will be the driving force behind thriving businesses.

Reinsurance Broker

Orchestrate the delicate balance between insurers, and reinsurers, crafting intricate solutions that fortify the financial stability of Australian insurers. Your analytical prowess, negotiation and problem-solving skills will shine as you navigate complex global markets, shaping the foundation of risk protection worldwide.

Claims Specialist

As a Claims specialist, you'll be the compassionate problem-solver who guides clients through life's unexpected challenges. Your expertise in assessing, processing and expediting claims ensures that individuals and businesses receive the support they need when they need it most.

Account Executive

The architect of custom insurance solutions, you collaborate with clients to understand their unique needs and craft policies that provide peace of mind. Your strategic acumen and interpersonal finesse will shine as you build lasting relationships, navigating the evolving landscape of risk.

Account Director

In this pivotal role, you'll lead a team of skilled professionals, orchestrating intricate insurance solutions for clients and fostering lasting partnerships. Your leadership will empower your team to excel, while crafting tailored coverage that safeguards businesses and individuals.

Business Development Manager

The architect of growth, charting business expansion, nurturing partnerships and crafting innovative solutions to achieve business goals. Your keen insights will guide underwriters, brokers and analysts to deliver innovative solutions to meet your client's evolving needs.


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