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We think the insurance broking profession offers a world of opportunities and can be a brilliant launchpad for your career - but don’t just take our word for it.


Hear from passionate insurance professionals

Below you will find stories from professionals in our industry from all over Australia. They chat about why they joined the profession, what excites them about their job and how they got to where they are.

Get to know them by listening to their unique stories - they might surprise you! We also asked them to answer some of the questions we know you might have, so you can hear answers from different people.

“It’s not something that you’re pigeonholed into, you will learn things when you start your career but even 15, 20 years in you will still continue to learn.”

Olivia Hancock | Principal - Corporate

“We cross a lot of different product lines, dealing with a lot of different companies and industries so the sheer diversity is there. There are enormous opprotunities. It’s a true profession, like legal, like the medical industry.”

Nick Hodges | Corporate & Commercial Leader, VIC

“I love the ability to work with different people, go to conferences, learn and network. Anybody who enjoys getting out and networking with different people, it’s the perfect opportunity to do that.”

Joel Morrell | Account Director

“Every day is completely different. Yes some days are bound to the office chair processing renewals and doing administrative work, other days we could be walking through a major claim whether that be from weather or fire.”

William Thompson | Senior Account Manager

“There are global opportunities, you can do alot of travel with the job, there is financial reward and there are alot of development opporntunities in so many different career pathways.”

Tom Wheeler | Client Service Officer

“People don’t know the different career paths within insurance. You could be a broker, you could be a risk assessor, you could be an underwriter, you could be flying in a plane mapping areas which are prone to flooding.”

Frans du Plessis | Director

“No matter which way you go, you can help people, whether it’s protecting their assets or protecting their health and loved ones”

Aimee Henderson | WA State Manager

“There are so many diverse areas within the insurance industry. People think it’s just car and house – but it’s not. You can do anything from satellite insurance, which is orbit decay, to large corporate risks. It’s not just selling insurance, but looking at how you can mitigate a risk or save a client’s business.”

John May | General Manager, International

“There are continual challenges and continual learning throughout the process. Broking is probably the most diverse of all insurance arrangements in the fact that you’re not only dealing with different products, you’re dealing with different clients and having to learn continually.”

Barry Sonter | Senior Account Manager

“You can work with whoever you want to work with. If you’re really passionate about sport, you can be an insurance broker for sport. If you’re really passionate about the financial sector, you can work on finance business or with banks. You can choose whatever avenue you want to work within, you’re not limited to a certain field or area.”

Taylor Burstow | Head of Client Services

“There’s such a diverse range of opportunities that you can take advantage of. Whether that be in claims handling or if you’re good with numbers you can go down the acturial route – there’s just so many possibilities in finding something that fits you and that you enjoy.”

Justin Purslowe | Account Executive

“I don’t come from a broking background, and the insurance space has really given me the opportunity to get into business development and marketing. Now my role is in HR and technology as well.”

Nese Akay | Innovation, Brand and People

“We have such an important role. We sell a piece of paper to people for exchange of money, and in the event that something goes wrong they’re going to come to us and that piece of paper will respond and we’ll be able to get them back to where they were prior to that event.”

Jodi Sharman | Corporate Manager

“If you have a passion in something, whether it’s aviation, whether it’s cyber, you can pursue that passion within the insurance broking world. We need people who have those passions”

Adam Squire | Head of Claims

“The opportunity to travel was really appealing to me, and at each stage you are progressing in your career but you’re also learning about different markets, different risk issues and different cultures.”

Cameron Sheild | Strategic Risk Advisor, Power and Energy