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A career that allows you to follow your passions

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! As you step into the next chapter of your life, we invite you to explore the boundless opportunities waiting for you within the dynamic world of insurance broking.

  • Whether you're eager to dive straight into the workforce or prefer a structured program to kickstart your career, there's a pathway for everyone, regardless of the degree you studied.

Graduate programs

Embarking on a graduate program is not just a continuation of your academic journey; it is a transformative experience that shapes your professional identity and sets the stage for a successful career.

  • A graduate program offers a specialised curriculum crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills essential for success. It goes beyond textbooks, providing insights and expertise directly from leaders within the profession. As part of your graduate program you'll move beyond theoretical concepts, engaging in hands-on projects and real-world scenarios. A graduate program emphasises the practical application of your knowledge, ensuring that you are well-prepared to tackle the challenges of your chosen profession.
  • Worried your degree isn't relevant to a career in broking? Studying at university is about more than your major. Along the way, you develop skills critical to your success as a broker such as analytical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. Successful graduates have come from a variety of disciplines including Creative Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Science, Business, Education and Health.

Graduate roles

A graduate role marks the transition from academic theory to practical application in the real world. It's a journey of learning how to take initiative, make decisions, and contribute meaningfully to your team.

  • As part of your role, you will be exposed to the ever-evolving dynamics of the insurance industry while simultaneously completing the professional qualifications needed to provide advice to your clients.
  • This firsthand experience offers insights into market forces, industry trends, and day-to-day operations, cultivating a holistic understanding of your role's functioning in the real world.
  • As you navigate through your graduate role, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, shaping your professional identity allowing you to recognise your strengths, preferences, and areas of interest, laying the foundation for a fulfilling and purposeful career.

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